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Curious Ape Travels Community

Discover the ultimate tool and NFT collection on the Solana Network! 🚀

🎨 NFT ART: CATC is an incredible escape! Immerse yourself in a unique collection of 8888 diverse apes, each representing a daring escape from 125 cities worldwide. These apes find refuge in the Peace House, a metaverse without boundaries, restrictions, or limitations. 🌌

Remember, “All apes are social, but some are more social and pacifist than others!” Your Curious Ape doubles as your Travel Community membership card and provides access to members-only benefits; the first is access to THE PEACE HOUSE, which has walls to paint on the canvas to build a newly unified city. The community can unlock future areas and perks through roadmap activation.

🖼️ CATC NFT Collection: Join the journey with 8888 Curious Ape NFTs, extraordinary digital collectibles thriving on the Solana Network. 🎉

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🎊 We are happy to announce our collaboration with CATC 🎊

Join our community with carbon-neutral apes in the hypest NFT community, Magic Eden.


With over +300 traits, apes created terrific adventures all around the world.
10 layers are applied, and tons of unique expressions are created to express ape's feelings.
Temples, monuments, skyscrapers, bridges, towers, and more. Under skylines of 125 exculusive cities, those landmarks created an escape pod.
11k unique pieces are created in the collection. They include rare apes and skylines in their souls.


Each Curious Ape is unique and programmatically generated from over +300 possible sub-traits, including city skylines, furs, clothes, skies, eyes, mouths, ear wears, hats, and necklaces. Skylines consist of 125 cities from all around the world, such as Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Bangkok, Florence, Kyiv, Casablanca, Jerusalem and, more. Those are the hallmark of CATC. After we selected our glorious cities, our creators worked on each detail of buildings and monuments.

Curious Ape was created to have its distinct appearance, attitude, city, and so the collection is diverse enough for everyone to find a character they can identify with. “CATC represents The Freedom To Be Who You Are.”

The apes will be stored as SOL on the Solana Blokchain. To access members-only areas such as THE PEACE HOUSE, holders will need to be signed into their wallets.

When you buy a Curious Ape, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare work of art. You are gaining membership access to a community whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your Curious Ape can serve as your digital identity and open digital doors for you.

petrified monkey paw

8888 Provably-rare Curious Ape tokens distributed fairly on Magic Eden.

tiki monkey

Gain ownership and commercial usage rights. Use it for merch., CA-DAO, Comm.. owned contet platform, etc..

captain monkey

The Peace House: Paint on the canvas to build a newly unified city and solve the passwords, earn SOL.

beer bottles

Unlock future benefits of the roadmap. Join IRL events, enjoy amazing merch store, raffles & auchtions.


Holding more NFTs can make you a mayor, a member of HoR, earning more stake & $CATC.

The Peace House

“The CATC Peace House” will become operational once the sold out. It contains a canvas accessible only to wallets containing at least one ape. This is the place for collective work, like building a new unified city.

Each ape-holder will be able to choose more than thousands of buildings that are in the 125 skylines which include temples, monuments, skyscrapers, bridges, and towers representing the progress of humanity.

Imagine that, this is a holders’ collaborative art experiment for The Peace House. This art experiment will continue until all of our peace walls are fully decorated. Every day, each ape-holder will have another chance to place a new building on the walls till the peace wall is decorated completely. Here is our easter egg.

There will be “19 Mysterious Passwords” to solve. “19 passwords” stands for 1 of September is “The World Peace Day”!

Once Peace Wall is completely decorated, Mysterious Passwords will become solvable, beginning a treasure hunt. The first 5 holders to solve the all mystery passwords will be rewarded with 165 SOL Total (reward will be distributed respectively 11 SOL to 55 SOL).